Sari-gu Mobile Camp

Mobile camp

We all have different needs and it’s our role as service providers to ensure that all your need are taken care of.  Hence this do we introduce Sari-Gu Mobile Camp solution as additional service to ensure that no one missed a visit to majestic Spitzkoppe Mountains.

Sari-Gu Mobile Camp solution is designed for rapid deployment in almost any location while significantly minimizing cost and can accommodate maximum 100 people in Glamping and Dome tents that can be set at all most any camp with Spitzkoppe Mountain Reserve or any other spot that you specify. 

Sari-gu Mobile Camp is able to provide a complete camp solution, from catering,  camp management and maintenance, as well as providing 24/7 resident support and complete supply chain management.

Sari-gu Mobile Camp power by Desert catering 

Our Mobile Camps comprise a accommodation

  • Glamping Tents 
  • Dome Tents,
  • Kitchen and dining hall tents,
  • Mobile toilets and
  • Hot water showers and
  • Silent generator for electricity 

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